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Door Number Four (52)

“Homologous?” Jack said. “It’s an insult, you people from the other side are all the same in appearance, it’s a ridiculous slur.” Mr Grey said turning his rocky visage to look at the two others in the room. “I shouldn’t be here.” Justice said standing to leave. Jack stood up at the same time. “No, […]

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Door Number Four (51)

They hurtled along the motorway swerving between bugs. Ted covered his head with his wings whenever they came close to clashing with the carapace of another bug but Amanda barely noticed. Things were going wrong. Blackbeard was high up in the police it wasn’t like them to send someone of his talents to investigate a […]

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Door Number Four (50)

He told her how he had walked into the wrong elevator and found himself in an office that didn’t make sense. Then he explained how he went home and found his best friend was a huge bear who still had the dexterity to beat him at most video games. Then Jack had to explain his […]

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Door Number Four (49)

“Why are you out here in the middle of the countryside?” Amanda asked. Blackbeard smiled. “I could ask you exactly the same thing.” “I’m here on business.” She said. The beard bristled and Amanda watched as the mouth twitched. “You know our officers found the strangest thing this morning. A dead citizen in his own […]

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Door Number Four (48)

Grey and Winter didn’t move they simply watched as the woman screamed at them. Jack had backed away as far as he could worried that she might decide to launch herself at the nearest available victim. He couldn’t tell what kind of reaction the men were having to the sudden outburst. Winter couldn’t show emotion […]

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Door Number Four (47)

“It was my sandwich.” Ted said struggling against the elastic band wrapped around his beak. Amanda stormed into the building which seemed to be some kind of garage to find a disturbing scene. A policeman had a bandage wrapped around his head covering one eye, he was sitting in the corner of the room with […]

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Door Number Four (46)

Mr Grey and Mr Winter stood up. Jack not knowing what else to do pushed his chair back and stood up with them. “Is it her?” Mr Winter asked. Mr Grey walked towards the door. “It would seem most likely.” He said as he disappeared from the room his footsteps echoing down the hallway. Jack […]

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Door Number Four (45)

She moved fast in the direction the wooden man had pointed her. There was plenty of greenery around and though the rain was much lighter there was little chance of her drying off. The occasional large droplet from tree branches ensured that there was an almost constant trickle of water down the back of her […]

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Door Number Four (44)

Jack and Mr Grey looked at each other across the table while the noises above them continued. Nothing was said. The noises became more uniform as whoever was upstairs travelled down towards them. Jack couldn’t be sure but be guessed there were three people by the number of footsteps, at least he couldn’t identify an […]

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Door Number Four (43)

Her arms were screaming in agony, cramping from the constant strain and she found herself wrapped around the rungs knowing she didn’t have long. The water was closer now, not yet lapping at her feet but close enough for her to wonder if the fall would kill her, it seemed less likely. She knew that […]

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