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Nanowrimo – you’d be a fool to miss it!

I’m staring down the barrel of a 3 month writing drought forced upon me by circumstances that aren’t entirely against my will, but are not what I expected. I’ve picked up sticks and moved to a new country with a new job and all that comes with it, which has set me back a little […]

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Death is a wonderful character

I’m a big fan of death. Not in the psychopathic or, uh, necrophiliac kind of way thanks. It says more about you than me that you even went there. No, I’m a fan of Death as a person, a character. The sad loss of Terry Pratchett brought something into focus to me recently. I’m a […]

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Editing 101 – Repeating yourself? Find out!

Do you repeat phrases without being aware of it? It can have a huge impact on your writing. An eagle eyed reader will not miss the fact that you’ve said the same thing three or four times in a novel, fantastic if you intended it, embarrassing if it was a clever turn of phrase you’ve […]

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Editing 101 – No more -ly’s

One of the key pieces of advice often given to writers is to cut down on your use of ‘-ly’ words. They tend to slow pace and add to your word count. A good way to gauge the necessity of these words is to delete them and see if it makes any difference. They’re pretty […]

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Publishers block – a little introspective.

I had the pleasure of reaching the end of a work in progress today. Writers like me (so people with quite clear issues) can occasionally suffer from the opposite of writers block. The result of this is an outporing of blathering fiction that leaves us with a nasty tangled mess of loose ends, plot holes, […]

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Flirting with failure

Having launched Dead Heads, and failed to grasp the finer points of marketing, or essentially selling a book, I’ve reached the conclusion that I’m out of my depth. Dead Heads is edited, had good reviews, and it’s not something that ‘should’ drown in what I consider to be a never ending quagmire of repetitive generic fiction […]

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Not Second Book Syndrome

It’s probably about time I stared into the eyes of the elephant in the room, took its trunk in hand, and said, “Okay Helga, you win.” This is not a post about “second book syndrome” where readers feel the second book in a series lacks the same power as the first. (Incidentally I believe the […]

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Make it free?

I recently posted this on a forum I have never visited before…yup that’s me being proactive again…so I thought I’d share with you- I used the KDP program when I first published. I gave away about 2000 copies of my book and got 1 review on the UK Amazon page and 2 on the Amazon.com […]

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So…mistakes have been made.

So I’ve been away for a while, why and what I’ve been up to aren’t that important but suffice to say I’ve been making more mistakes for other people to learn from. Firstly, I was interviewed by Niamh at Leeds Book Club, that was a strange but lovely experience, I gibbered on for quite a […]

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Editing Hurts.

I’ve said it, let’s all stop pretending editing doesn’t hurt. It hurts because I’m someone who writes and writes and writes and then has to tear chunks of story, plot-line and characterisation out. Wow it hurts, like chopping away at yourself bit by bit with a potato peeler. Stephen King says he’s a “putter-inner” as […]

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