He told her how he had walked into the wrong elevator and found himself in an office that didn’t make sense. Then he explained how he went home and found his best friend was a huge bear who still had the dexterity to beat him at most video games.

Then Jack had to explain his trip to town, how the pie woman had tried to, well he didn’t know what she’d been trying. Running through town, escaping from the police, and then being buried alive.

She stopped him when he reached the point of having his head swallowed by the strange frog-like man. That was for him alone she said.

When he had finished she tapped her bloody fingers on the table and turned her head towards the two men. “Did you know all of this.”

“I’ve not been here much longer than you.” Said Winter as he turned to Grey.

The stony faced man took a seat and Winter followed until they faced each other the three paragons and Jack around the square table. “I had not heard the full story until now. It seems he is a victim of circumstance and treachery.”

“Indeed, some would say there is a lack of justice for Jack.” Winter said making no effort to disguise the barb he directed at the woman.

She ignored him and turned her blindfold towards Jack. “I feel for you, I really do, what has happened is unfortunate but the rules are very clear here. Anybody who enters through Door Number Four is an invader. Your world knows all about the doors you should have realised that.”

Jack frowned, she was right, his world did know about the doors. His strange experience with the man in the pub explained that. There was something that didn’t add up though, he didn’t remember anything about the doors in the rest of his life. Not a single thing.

Surely if they were this dangerous and his memories were anything to go on he should recall some kind of safety notice or a news headline about an incident with the doors. Wouldn’t there be something like the Green Cross Code about Door Number Four? And yet, no matter what he tried to convince himself of he could remember everything that happened to him. Sitting in the back of that van waiting for his father to be rescued by a strange group of unfriendly people.

“I don’t think that’s true.” He said more to himself than to anybody else but the three around the table looked unsure.

“What’s that supposed to mean Jack?” Grey asked his face unmoving but tension in his voice.

“What? Oh, sorry, I was thinking out loud. It’s just that, I don’t remember anything about Door Number Four, I don’t remember ever being told about it, about this place at all in fact.” Jack said.

There was silence around the table as the three paragons seemed to think about what was being said.

“He’s a liar, a spy sent from the other side.” Winter said.

Grey held up a hand to silence the man but it was too late, Justice grabbed onto the thought and was on her feet. “You brought a spy here, you allowed him into this house and revealed us all. Did you hope to aid them with their invasion? You dared to accuse me of being a traitor and then do this to us all?”

“This is absurd, you can’t seriously believe that this man is what they would send to begin an invasion.”

Jack stood up. “Look, I don’t care what you think I am, I just want to go home, if you’re not going to help me then I’d just like to leave if it’s all the same to you.”

“It’s hardly all the same to us if you leave and return with an army slaughtering our people is it you homologous bastard.”

Jack opened and closed his mouth but had nothing to say in reply.