“Homologous?” Jack said.

“It’s an insult, you people from the other side are all the same in appearance, it’s a ridiculous slur.” Mr Grey said turning his rocky visage to look at the two others in the room.

“I shouldn’t be here.” Justice said standing to leave.

Jack stood up at the same time. “No, I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be in this goddamn place at all. I have been nothing but polite to you people and I’m sure that I owe my thanks to those who took me out of that hole in the ground but you three are as dysfunctional a group as I have ever met. I think I’ll go and find the police and take my chances.”

Winter made a noise and it took a moment for Jack to realise it was laughter, the others didn’t share in his mirth. “Oh come on now, you must admit you didn’t expect the mouse to squeak quite so well.”

“Mouse?” Jack said turning on the disfigured man his fists clenched at his sides. “Say what you will but even I can tell the three of you are cowering from something or other what exactly is it that I’m supposed to be terrified of?”

Winter turned away any amusement now gone. Justice left the table and Jack heard the front door open.

“Well thank you for the time Mr Grey, I’m still not sure what it was that you wanted with me but I think the time is up.” Jack said. He extricated himself from the table and was making his way around the door when the sound of splintering wood and a loud thud from the corridor made him duck.