I’m staring down the barrel of a 3 month writing drought forced upon me by circumstances that aren’t entirely against my will, but are not what I expected. I’ve picked up sticks and moved to a new country with a new job and all that comes with it, which has set me back a little bit. Fortunately for me Nanowrimo is just around the corner and having participated for several years now I’m looking forward to getting the kick I need to get back into things. I’ve said before that I don’t worry much about writer’s block but breaking into a routine again has proven more difficult than I’d expected, with that in mind, here’s why Nanowrimo is a great thing.

  1. It’s open to everyone and anyone. Doesn’t matter what your skill level is or where you are in the world. If you like writing it’s open to you.

  2. People congregate there on mass, and they’re all writers. – This is a good thing.

  3. The competitors aren’t competing with each other so the atmosphere is great.

  4. People are generous with their time, their feedback, and their encouragement.

  5. Nanowrimo will make you write. You only have to invest a little to be dragged in the whole way.

  6. It helps you find local writers and writers groups – check out the regions and you might be surprised.

  7. It helps you find non-local writers and writers groups wherever you are!

  8. The goals are genuinely challenging.

  9. It holds true to the, ‘just write something down’ philosophy.

  10. It’s 24 hour! Day or night, rain or shine, there is always somebody there to encourage you to get writing.

  11. Advice is free – From actual writers, you know, people you respect the opinion of, not just people who…ok not me.

  12. Failure doesn’t really exist – even if you don’t meet the challenge you’ll still be writing

  13. It’s for charity – your writing for something good in the world! (also donate, you really should)

Okay, I can write more but I’m off to sign up, again, you should too.